One Hundred Names

Genre: Woman’s Fiction/ Chick Lit
Publisher : Harper Collins
By Cecelia Ahern

Kitty Logan is a journalist who is the center of a big media scandal due her own rash decisions. As her mentor and friend Constance passes away, she leaves Kitty with her final story, a list of one hundred names. Kitty is on a mission to salvage her career and do right by her friend. She must uncover the connection between all the names on the list. Throughout the journey kitty begins to see how her own actions have changed her life and her story.

The reason I reviewed this book was because it was my most recent read. I came across this book after I had previously read “How to fall in love” by Cecelia Ahern. I was eager to get my hands into another one of her works.

The book is an easy read, a great book to pick up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It has the same uplifting feel to it, the general belief in the goodness of people as her other works. It is definitely a feel good read.

The characters are well developed, to the point that you begin to loath Kitty Logan for her selfish ways at the beginning and feel for her through her struggles towards the end. The connection between the reader and the character only becomes stronger throughout the book.

The book is made up of a number of shorter stories for each character where the connection between them all needs to be established. The mystery would keep the reader guessing about the connection throughout. Although I always enjoy multiple stories in one, this one didn’t seem to flow well. It was slow and somewhat boring even. The ending seemed a bit lacking and left me a bit disappointed really. It definitely did not have the grip that I couldn’t put it down.

Although i found the story a bit lacking there are still more pros than cons. I would recommend this book to any woman in my life. I’d rate it a 3 out of 5.


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