Italy (Part 2)

In May i had started describing my big trip across Italy. Part 1 was focused on the first part of my journey through the beautiful country as I arrived in Rome, took a train to Florence and popped into Pisa. Part two will follow my journey to Verona, Venice and the Islands surrounding Venice.


Verona was recommended to me by a friend who got engaged there. After already spending 4 days in Italy I felt my trip was only getting better and better. The train from Florence to Verona took 2hrs 30mins, as we left Florence before noon we were there by early afternoon. Verona did not disappoint. The city was full of culture just like the previous ones I’ve been to but somehow it wasn’t as crowded with tourists as before. The lack of crowds really made it feel more authentic and relaxing. Here I didn’t make any solid plans of places to visit, I wanted to discover by just wondering around. We started heading towards Piazza delle Erbe, from which we ended up Castle Saint Pietro where we got a fantastic birds eye view of the city (Right). That night we spent wine tasting and visiting varies wine bars as Tuscany is so known for. The following day we visited Juliets balcony, which i felt was almost ruined by the amount of graffiti in the arch walkway. Before we were to get our train to Venice we had just enough time to visit Castelvecchio and its bridge which was one of the definite highlights of Verona.


 Around midday we got on the last train journey to get to Venice. There is noway to miss your approach into Venice by train, as the land gives way to water all around you feel like you are on the train in Spirited Away. As soon as we exited the train station I was in awe. Venice is truly one of a kind but no matter how you see it on t.v. or in pictures its never the same as seeing it for yourself.
Our hotel was very central just few meters from Piazza San Marco. We got a water bus in the general direction of the hotel. Finding the hotel itself even with the help of a map was not easy, i thought that Florence had narrow streets but Venice beats that. Its like a never ending maze of tiny streets, which is actually pretty cool…just not when you got your luggage with you.
Our hotel room was facing the canal, the view from our window was pretty amazing, although the sound of the garbage boats going by in the morning was not so amazing. One of the funniest things about Venice has to be the way the locals park their boats in, there is nothing slow and steady about it.
As we were so close to Piazza San Marco we got to see all the main sights within the first day. One of the main things we werelooking forward to was the Gondola. I was told it was pricey, Venice itself was fairly pricey but this was something well worth the money. The trip was fun, romantic, relaxing and educational. Perhaps we were lucky with our Gondolier but we had an amazing time.

Murano, Burano and Torcello

This was a trip that was highly recommended to me, and for good reason. Day trip to the Islands left early morning and returned in late afternoon. On arrival to Murano we got a guided Glass museum tour after which we had 30mins  of free time to wonder around the Island. These Islands were much smaller than the likes of Venice or Lido and a lot more quiet.

Burano was our next stop where we had more time to wonder around than in Murano as there was no tour. Burano is a fishing village, where every house is painted in the most bright colours, this was so that men can find their way home during foggy weather. The place seemed out of this world. We enjoyed some lunch in the shade with a beautiful view.

Our last trip of the day was to Torcello where we could get some lunch and walk around a small village. The island used to belong to a single family and the majority of it is covered with foliage. We took a stroll along the canal to the old church and back, it was very peaceful.

The eight days we spent in Italy was one of our best holidays. The time it took to plan all the trips was well wroth seeing so much of Italy and being able to visit so many towns. Italy is definitely a space to visit in your life time and I know I will be back again and probably even more than once to this amazing country.


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