Our most recent trip was to the sunny Lanzarote Island in the Canaries. This was a simple re-charge your batteries trip. It is a great time to go in May as it there is no extreme heat yet. Although it was mostly to chill by the pool or at the beach there is still plenty to do and we only had a week to squeeze it in.

Old Town Vs. New town

We stayed at the lovely Suit Fariones Playa Hotel which was perfectly located between the lovely new town and the cliff top views and restaurants of old town (on the left) of Puero del Carmen. Either way you feel on the night you got plenty of choice. The prices don’t vary too much however New town is cheaper for drinks where you can get beers for just 2 euro or cocktails for 5 euro. As expected where the prices are cheaper the crowd is also bigger, so Old town is a lovely escape from all the crazy.

The Do’s and Dont’s

I felt like this travel piece really required this section more than anything because somethings need to be emphasized.

  • DON’T underestimate the canaries sun. It is intense and if you are fair skinned you can burn very quickly without even noticing. Which brings me to the next point.
  • DO bring a light cardigan/hoodie for the evening time as the wind in Lanzarote is quite chilly once the sun goes down (also why you don’t feel the intensity of the sun sometimes).
  • DO try rent a car if possible to do the Island tours or at least do the grand tour/ highlights tour. The tours dedicated to only one section of the island last up to 9 hrs and are mostly made up of waiting around for the bus to get going. You have to be careful with those optional parts as we were left sitting on the bus for nearly an hour when we didn’t choose the option to go to one more stop.
  • DO go on a catamaran trip. Its only 4 hrs but they bring you out into a lagoon with wonderful views, drinks and food included as well as snorkeling with fish and jet ski rides. Adult only option also available.

Although the bus tours can take a long time the different sites on the Island are definitely worth a visit. 20160603_132849Within our time frame of 7 days we couldn’t do all the sights.
The one i chose was the North Island visit which included the Jameos del Agua. The serene view of the volcanic cave and the clear blue water untouched is amazing. It is definitely a place that cannot be truly captured in a picture but I did try anyhow. apart from the main attractions the mountain tops offer a stunning view of the Islands beaches and cities.

1 week is definitely not enough to really take it all that Lanzarote has to offer but it is definitely going to be worth visiting again and hopefully next time we will get to see even more of the Island. Until next time.


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