Co.Clare, Ireland

For those of you who are asking yourselves whats in Co.Clare, this is where those spectacular Cliffs of Moher are located which is the first thing that comes up when you google “points of interest in Ireland”. Although it is quite a drive from Dublin if that’s where you are staying it is well worth it especially if you make a weekend out of it.IMG-20160620-WA0007.jpg

Cliffs of Moher

The visitor center is open all year around but the closing times vary with season so getting their early will always guarantee entry. The cost to enter is also very easy on the pocket at only 6 euro for an adult and free for children. For an extra 2 euro you can go up to the O’Briens tower for the best rooftop views of the cliffs. Although guided tours are an option I found there was no need for them as you can walk around the cliffs in your own time and pace.


For our weekend stay we decided on Lisdoonvarna known for its match making festival in September although that wasn’t the time of year we went the romantic feel to the town was still there. Its a great example of a small cosy country town. The location was also perfect for our two big trips which was the Cliffs and the caves.

Ailwee Caves

The tour of the caves does not take long but it is definitely fun as well as interesting. As we went so early we ended up going on a private tour mostly because there was no one there yet other than the two of us. The caves also offer birds of prey center where you can catch fascinating shows where they have falcons, hawks, eagles and owls. A ticket to both entrance to the caves and birds of prey only costs 9 euro. You can see a pattern forming already with the low prices of these fantastic sights.

The Burren

One of the main things tourists and in all honestly myself included always interested in is the infamous Burren. The limestone landscape looks amazing in guidebooks and all the rest. One thing I quickly realised was that the Burren isn’t just a sectioned off park, its a vast area covering different towns and farmlands. I mean its a 15km stretch of rock, yes just rock. In all honesty I was pretty disappointed but with the rest of our trip it definitely didn’t ruin the over all experience.


To sum it up going to Co.Clare, do it as a weekend trip and really relax. This is a very scenic place and a very relaxed atmosphere. Great for Romantic trips or even nature breaks. It is definitely a place worth to visit and perhaps the next time we go there will be much more to discover.



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