This time last year me and the other half went to Malta as his brother was getting married over there. At first I assumed its just some sunny destination that’s on the cheap to get married, perhaps it was best that I was underestimating Malta so much.

First and foremost, Malta is extremely hot. I like hot but this was a little too much and in September of all months. I could not imagine the weather in the likes of July or August. Air-conditioning is a must!! Due to the high temperatures midday makes for a perfect time for a little discovering, or a lot of it.


The capital city is a must to visit. The canon salute is one of the main attractions, and as we learned from a local the only times it is done is 12pm and 4pm which I did not realise before. When else in your life would you see a canon go off!! As we went for the midday salute we continued onto the Fort St.Angelo at the edge of the city. The fort however doesn’t have much shade from the sun so bring that sunscreen. One thing I was glad we had done was getting the Ferry from Valletta to Salema, the cost is minimal but the view of Valletta from the Bay is definitely picturesque.

20150915_113955 - Copy

Blue Lagoon

Hands down one for the bucket list. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! Instead of booking a tour on a crowded boat going for a full day on a guided route we splurged a little (well his dad did) on a speed boat with a local guide. We left earlier than anyone who was going on a tour, giving us a lot more privacy. The guide brought us around numerous caves, we got to swim through caves and sea arches without anyone else around.

Once we got to the Lagoon itself 20150919_091144
we got an hour to swim around andit felt like merely 10mins. The water is so clear and the sand so white that it almost feels like you are floating suspended in midair. It was the most fun and relaxing experience. Perhaps it was for the best that my camera went dead half way through the day so I could experience it without the lens.

There are many things that we didn’t get to do that I wish we had but with the wedding and other family gatherings it wasn’t possible to squeeze everything into one week. There is always next time and the temple ruins and the silent city of Mdina will be top of my list then.


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