Neuschwanstein Castle

Right around the time of Halloween 7 years ago we went for a short trip to Germany, at that stage I didn’t know what there was to see and frankly as a teen i probably didn’t care much for it. However the whole point of the trip was to visit my distant cousin, who had more than enough plans for us as far as sight seeing. One of which was the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle. Saying its amazing is an understatement.



The castle is by far not the only thing to see when you go to visit the area. With plenty of lakes, mountains and old Bavarian architecture you can spend a full day just in the surrounding area. As you walk through the main tourist area towards lakes Alpsee and Schwansee you come across another castle Schloss Hohenschwangau. Although smaller in size it is still worth taking a visit to. There are plenty of restaurants which have authentic German food once you get hungry from the trek to the castle and plenty of museums to visit too.

Neuschwanstein Castledscf1320

There are guided tours provided for the interior of the castle for just 12eu per adult. The tours are available in different languages and takes you through many architectural beautiful rooms. Personally I was more interested in the hiking trail, as you can imagine the views from these trails were out of this world. The trail brings you up to and around the castle. Along the trail there is a suspended bridge from which you can see the most popular view of the castle as seen in the initial picture of this post.


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