The Birthing House

Genre: Fiction / Horror /  Thriller / Mystery
Publisher : Sphere
By Christopher Ransom


When Conrad buys a big old house in Wisconsin, his wife Jo doesn’t share his enthusiasm, reluctant
at the idea of leaving their LA life. But Conrad’s new purchase is not all that it seems. Soon Conrad is hearing the ghostly wailing of a baby in the night, seeing blood on the floor & being haunted by a woman who looks exactly like Jo.


I picked up this book from a discount table. I love horror and figured from the look of the book that it might be something I’d like. How wrong was I. This is a book that doesn’t deserve a space of my book shelf.

  1. The story has no depth to it, for a mystery it is very straight forward. There is no huge twist or big reveal.
  2. The characters are not well developed, if developed at all.
  3. The back story is not well described, not much information on it really. You are left with more questions than answers and not in a good way.
  4. The horror aspect is non existent there is nothing scary about this book.
  5. Wording in the book is basic there is no deep thought even though you can tell he is trying.

To be honest I found it hard to think of anything positive to say about this book. As much as i tried I couldn’t. I truly wish I’d read a review or two from actual readers.


I would not recommend this book to anyone. I personally didnt find it scary or mysterious, or well developed. The book lacked a lot for me. I am not giving this one any stars.



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