In the Dark

Genre: Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Publisher : Sphere
Mark Billigham
By Mark Billingham


A Deadly Crash
A rainy night in south London. A gun is fired into a car which swerves on to the pavement and ploughs into a bus stop. It seems that a chilling gang initiation has cost an innocent victim their life. But the reality is far more sinister…
A Dangerous Quest
One life is wiped out and three more are changed forever: the young man whose finger was on the trigger; an ageing gangster planning a deadly revenge, and the pregnant woman who struggles desperately to uncover the truth. Two weeks away from giving birth, how will she deal with a world where death is an occupational hazard?
A Shocking Twist
In a city where violence can be random or meticulously planned, where teenage gangs clash with career criminals and where loyalty is paid for in blood, anything is possible. Secrets are uncovered as fast as bodies, and the story’s final twist is as breathtakingly surprising as they come.



Screenshot_20160611-192136.jpgI decided to write this review as it goes well with my upcoming review of my trip to London as the story is set in the city. I wont lie the main reason i picked up the book was because the cover looked so cool with its 3D rain drops, and I’m very glad i picked it up. Once i read the summary on the back it hooked me in straight away.

 I really enjoyed this book and got hooked into it from the very start. The story being told from different perspectives is always something I enjoy in the books i read and especially if I’m not expecting it.
The main narrating done from the perspective of the pregnant woman felt so real that I almost started walking like I’m pregnant (and I wasn’t) after getting so sucked into it. Apart from just being a pregnant narrator I really enjoyed how well the character was established she was strong and smart and made the story very enjoyable to follow.
The book gave a very good impression of both the low gangs and high criminals as well as the police within London. The progressions and rules within the gangs and their lives and what leads them to this was very interesting.It was part of the story and not just a one paragraph summary of “this is how its done here”.
The fact that the main character is pregnant and close to giving birth gives you a feel of of a time limit in her investigation and there for giving you the reader the feeling of being at the edge of the seat that anything can happen at any minute.
The ending isn’t a huge shocking twist but personally I actually enjoyed that the twists unfolded gradually throughout the chapters coming to the towards the end of the book. The unfold of all the loose ends just kept you hungry for the next.


I really enjoying this book and found myself completely consumed by it. It was definitely a book i struggled to put down and was hungry for more with every chapter I read. I would give this book a  5 out of 5 stars without any hesitation. I would recommend this to any crime lover and I know I will definitely be interested in reading more of Mark’s work.



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