To stick with the theme after my earlier book review of “In the Dark” this review will be on London. The trip to London was a Christmas gift for my other half, part of the weekend away was meant to be a day spent at Arsenal for a match and tour of the stadium so a little bit of football will be thrown in.

We had stayed in Peckham, at this stage i img_1136didn’t know anything about Peckham but apparently its not the best area of London to stay in. We had no trouble staying there at all and our hotel was lovely and at a very good price. The cost of public transport or taxi in London is one thing I was not prepared for as it cost us more than the hotel stay for the weekend. Perhaps for that reason if I was to go back I would try find something closer to the center however that also depends on what you are interested in since London is huge.


We had dedicated a full day to sightseeing and a full day to football to keep it all fair and keep each other happy. img_1247
The sightseeing started off with the London Eye, what way to start you off than getting a birds eye view of the city from the river. The pods themselves were bigger than I had expected and the journey was lovely with plenty to see from the top. From the tourist desk we got the multi sightseeing ticket which is common in most European cities, with it we got London Dungeons and Madam Tussauds.

From the London eye we went on towards the parliament building and to get a wonderful view of the big ben. The two places are very close to each other and from there its only a short walk towards the Buckingham Palace to see the change of the guards. The guards are pretty far from the gate to get a closer look but if you walk down the mall towards trafalgar square you will walk past them on guard on your left which is close enough to take a selfie with.
From there we got the tube towards Baker street img_1108and Sherlock Holmes museum which just happened to be around the corner from Madam Tussauds anyhow. From there we had a little walk back down towards Piccadilly circus and then the London Dungeons.
I didn’t know at this stage what the London Dungeons were and what was involved, and this i think made the experience all the better. If i was asked what was the best part of my trip I will no doubt say the London Dungeons!! It was so much fun I wish I could have gone again a second time.


20140222_120713No i am not the football fan but my other half is and he supports arsenal which was part of the reason for the trip to London. The football club is in North London so we got the tube up to the stadium grounds. As well as going for the match which was (despite my lack of interest in the sport) really fun, we also went back the next day and done the tour of the stadium and the stadium museum. The tour itself allows you to go through the members box, the players changing rooms and onto the pitch itself and the managers seats. That day for me was even more interesting. The museum was also good as it went through all the history of the stadium, players and awards. I think if i was to come back i would definitely come back for this part.

Overall my impression of London wasn’t that great, and i know many people would claim that London is amazing but it just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t much different to what I’m used to here in Ireland just on a biggest scale. I definitely have other places that I would rather revisit than London. I found it insanely expensive for what it is. Im happy enough i got to see some of the famous sights but I doubt i would return again unless its for the London Dungeons ha.


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