Given the month that it is (St.Patricks Day) I think it was very fitting to talk about Dublin. Ive lived in Dublin for the last 14 years, well the subburbs of Dublin to be precise. Some people never discovered the tourist attractions in their own local area but I had plenty of family/friends visiting that I got the chance to see the tourist side of Dublin. Obviously if you come for St.Patricks day the atmosphere will be completely different so I will describe a time in June I spent the day being a tourist with my cousin.deer-in-phoenix-park-dublin.jpg

Our day started off with Phoenix park. This park has many points of interest including the presidents house, dublin zoo, papal cross, monuments and the local residents wild deer. Although wild the deer are extremely friendly and you can get some stunning photos up close and personal if you happen to stubble past them. The presidents house is open for free tours every saturday to the public. So far so free. The Dublin zoo is vast so don’t expect a quick pop in, at least half a day must be given to this.


From the phoenix park we headed for the Guinness Store house, where at the top is an observation deck and obviously a free pint of the black stuff is included in your ticket. Tickets can be booked online, and that’s what I would advice to do as its cheaper and no need to queue. If you are a few minutes late for the time you booked, this is not a problem you can still go in. From here the only logical thing to do is stick to the beer as Ireland is known for the love of drink. Some idea’s are; The Brazen Head (Irelands Oldest Pub) with the smoking area covered in cobble stones, Temple Bar (the pub in the area known as temple bar) this one graces most peoples post cards,  the Church (converted chruch into a bar/restaurant), O’Donoghues, The Stags head, Porterhouse…the list can go on to be honest but you get the idea. the-brazen-head

O’Connell street where you can still see the bullet holes in some of the buildings and statues from the 1916 revolution rising. Walk across the ha’penny bridge. Visit St.Stephens green. Go for a riverdancing show. I mean the list does literally go on and on but hey at least thats a few suggestions for you. I’m sure Ill be coming back to this topic with more new mentions.


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