Amsterdam, Netherlands

My trip to Amsterdam was for a long weekend away with the girls. Its a place many people speak fondly of and one that i was always interested in visiting. The idea of coffee shops and red light district made seem so exciting. 20160326_152016

As soon as we got to Amsterdam we went straight to Dam square where the main feature has to be the royal palace. While on the square we stopped by tourist information and booked all our touristy sightseeing tour tickets straight away since you get a good discount when you get them in packages. We got tickets for Madam Tussauds, Amsterdam Dungeons, Ice Bar and The Heineken Experience.  Since Madam Tussauds is on Dam place from there you can get great areal shots of the whole square and the royal palace. I have been to London and Edinburgh Dungeons before and loved both experiences however Amsterdam Dungeons weren’t quite up to the same standard and I wouldn’t recommend it. Ice Bar was brilliant, mostly for pictures though and very short experience as you wouldn’t spend too much time in it. The Heineken experience however was the most entertaining brewery tours I have been on, plenty of interactive parts and good flow through the impressive building itself not to mention the view from the roof top bar at the end. I would recommend getting the tickets for these in advance as you get to skip the queue, which can make all the difference if you are only going for a short break. The Heineken experience queues were pretty long in particular.

One of the most popular and must see parts of Amsterdam was the canals. Now you cant miss them when you are walking around but it is quite another thing to see them from the water, plus you get all the history lessons and stories at the same time.


Cant exactly talk about Amsterdam without a mention of the red light district. Obviously my opinion on it would be the polar opposite to that of most men however for me although it was interesting it also seemed very seedy and quite frankly I felt very uncomfortable in that area walking past all the windows. The district itself is pretty nice along with many bars which are packed full of people but as a woman I didn’t feel comfortable. Although the sex museum is quite the opposite, fun and at a very low price too.

There were many things I wish I had gotten to see but even as small as Amsterdam is a shirt weekend cant guarantee you enough time to see everything. One thing we didn’t get to see was Anne Franks house, the queue (although we went early in the morning) was over an hour long to get in, so the most we got was a view from the outside. One other thing I wish i got to see was Micropia but that’s purely as a microbiologist I guess. The question is would I come back, and to be honest I don’t know if i would. There are other places around Europe that i felt have more to offer, as well as the fact I didn’t like the red light scene or the consistent smell of weed I just don’t think this was a city for me. However I’m glad I got to experience it and make my own mind up about it.


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