Chicago – The Skyscrapers

This time 4 years ago I finished my last ever college exams and headed over to Chicago for 3 months on a J1. The reason I picked to go to Chicago was through recommendation and Im so glad I listened. Fortunately there is so much to go through when it comes to Chicago that this will not be the last time I write about it. This Chapter will be dedicated to the city and its buildings. Let me just point out that before Chicago I had never seen skyscrapers in real life so the moment we got off the CTA and into the street my jaw dropped. I stood frozen with my mouth open for a good 10 minutes I just couldn’t believe how tall they were!!!¬†IMG_7688

Marina City (Corn Cobs)

First on the list are the iconic corn cob buildings. Even if you have never heard of them you have probably seen them at some point. The best view of these are from the near by bridges such as the one off Dearborn street or else the water taxi which you can get just off Michigan avenue. Interesting fact is that the apartments in those buildings have no interior right angles as each is shaped like a pizza slice.

Willis Tower

If you did get the water taxi to go past the marina city then it will bring you along the river straight to the willis tower. This is the iconic tower with the glass floor on the 103rd floor (sky deck). The building itself is impressive up close as well as from a distance. To visit the sky deck only costs $23 which is not a lot when you get to step out over the city. Im not afraid of highs but I had to have someone hold my hand when I went to sit down on it because you feel like you will just fall through!!! The view of the city from there is spectacular. The willis tower and sky deck are a must see.


John Hancock Center

This is the 100 story tall black sky scraper off the magnificent mile. The sky scraper offers observation decks with a view of the city and the beach front. The entry to the observation deck only costs $20 with an additional $7 if you want to experience the tilt. However if you are short for cash you can always visit the Bar/Restaurant for a drink with a view just a floor below the observation deck.


Other notable mentions go to Tribune Tower, Aqua tower and the Crain communications building. One of the best ways to see all the skyscrapers is from the water front, either along the river through the city or across the Chicago harbor. Dont forget you can also visit the observation decks at night for a whole different experience.


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