Chicago – Museums & Zoo

Full disclosure Im a fan of a good museum or aquarium, however i am quite picky since sometimes it can be a bit of “been there done that” surely they are all the same at this stage. Chicago however was an exception for me.

The Museum of Science and Industry

This one is a bit out of the city but easy to get to by 1209279_10151685745962513_1464709010_nbus, just do the research before hand. This is one of the most interactive science museums I have ever been to and easy in the top two best museums for me beating any in Washington DC. The museum is also near University of Chicago and Washington park so there is plenty to see and do around the museum too. I would give this trip a full day, get there early as the place itself is huge…no spoilers but it has an actual submarine!!! The tickets arent sky high either at just $18 per adult but you can also get a discount if you order online beforehand.

1236552_10151685741897513_1690957571_nShedd Aquarium

I know i already said this about the museum of science but this was one of the best aquariums I have been to. One of the gems of this place is the jelly fish rooms, thats a must!!! You can just get lost in their movements and there is no many kinds. Petting stingrays and seal shows its all there. Its not just tanks full of water there are jungle like tanks and dont forget a 4D movie just for the fun. The tickets are pricey but well worth the trip, the cost will set you back $40 with a half day worth of fun. Around the aquarium you will also find the Field museum, Adler planetarium and surrounding parks which lead into Grant park and millennium park. From the aquarium itself you can get the water taxi all the way to navy pier which gives you some amazing views of the city skyline from the water. Main tip is get there early, the queue can become huge very quick and in the summer heat its the last thing you’d want to do even if they provide cover.IMG_7792

Lincoln Zoo

Guess what….this one is free. Yes the Chicago zoo is absolutely free and the animals are up closer than most Zoo’s in Europe. It has an interactive farm, bird house and conservatory. One of the little gems of this place is the Alfred Caldwell Lily pond just north of the zoo, its not big but definitely something to see. The public beaches stretch along the side of the zoo which have once again a lovely view of the city skyline rising from the sand.


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