Lady of the Shades

Genre: Fiction / Horror / Fantasy / Thriller / Crime
Publisher : Orion Books


By Darren Shan

Ed, an American author on the hunt for a story for his next book, arrives in London looking for inspiration. A stranger in a strange city, he’s haunted by a deadly secret that refuses to stay buried, and no matter how hard he tries he cannot escape the manifest sins of his past.
What Ed wants is answers, what he finds is something he definitely didn’t bargain for: the beautiful and untouchable Andeanna Menderes. Andeanna is a woman who is dangerously bound to one of London’s most notorious crime lords, and if they are caught together it could mean death for them both.
Ensnared in an illicit affair that can only be conducted in the shadows, Ed’s world is turned upside down as a series of shattering revelations blurs the line between what’s real and what’s not.

Screenshot_20160512-194125.jpgThis was the second time I came across Darren Shan’s adult books. I first picked up his teen books after I seen someone read one and the picture of an axe on the cover when I was only 13. Since then I’ve been a loyal fan of all his work. Don’t make the mistake to think that just because he writes teen books that the adult books wouldn’t be that good. This book is as adult as it gets.

The beginning isn’t gripping, so much so that i thought id hate the book before I even finished a single chapter. Even one of my favourite books is not without flaw and perhaps this is a major one to some.  The story slowly reveals itself. The slow pace is just right to build up to the mayhem that begins in the second half of the book. The fact that this is a standalone, you know the mayhem will be good and Shan doesn’t disappoint.

The characters aren’t overly developed but their story is described just enough for you to follow yet not get too deep. The story line it self is not difficult to follow dispute the twists and turns, and what twists they are!

The only downside for me is that Shan can go too far into the fantasy realm which shatters the illusion of any of this being real and someone looses a little of the appeal especially in books where fantasy of such is not necessary. Perhaps he is just drawn to it.

The ending wowed me to this day i remember how I felt reading that final epic reveal twist plot. My jaw did literally drop I gasped out loud and that’s no exaggeration. For the twists alone I give this book top marks.


If you are a lover of twists, this is the book for you. This book has the most twists and surprises than any thriller Ive ever read. Despite the minor flaws the book does make up for it in the end and sits firmly on my list of re-read and re-read and again. 5 out of 5.



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